Prayer 'n Share Mailing List

The Prayer 'n Share mailing list is one method that we use to keep in touch with one another during the week. If you wish to subscribe, send an email to the owners requesting to be added: prayernshare+owners (at) mecf (dot) net.

Faithlife Signals

The Faithlife Study Bible mobile app listens for Signals from the slide presentation during a service.

Announcement slides will send a calendar signal to your phone, appearing as a hyperlink at the bottom of the app. Tap it to add events to your phone’s calendar. And when Bible verses appear on screen, tap the Signal link to open the reference and follow along.

You can learn more about signals here. Be sure to allow the app to use your location, and then follow our church presentation when it is presented. You only need to do this once, and you’ll be connected every week!

RightNow Media

MECF has subscribed to RightNow Media to provide members and guests with video-based Bible studies and devotional resources. These studies are our gift --no cost ever -- to you for taking the time to visit us today.

I Accept!